SevenUP-ActivityThere are a number of reasons why Citipointe Christian College chose the iPad as the best overall device for students to use at school. Many of the benefits, some specific to iPad are listed below. Factors for teaching: to complete a consistent integrated technology platform across the College; for learning: to provide the facility for personalised, independent learning for our students; for parents: to source a reasonably priced device which would satisfy both of these requirements.

The decision to choose the iPad was a result of a number of device trials, conducted in various classes in 2013 (see “The Journey” for more details). While it is widely acknowledged the iPad is not best device for all students for every learning activity, (see “Specialist Subject Info” for more details)  we believe that the versatility the iPad offers, lends it to clearly being the teaching and learning device of choice.

Amongst other things the iPad enables students the:

Ability to create songs, music, animations, comics, movies, augmented reality, technical expression.
Ability to collaborate working with peers, sharing ideas and activites, documents and thoughts.
Ability to consume information and interact anywhere anytime access to class notes through the use of blackboard or interactive text books through iBooks or iTunesU.
Ability to consolidate through the myriad of educational apps that are available, as well as through teacher produced lessons and activity books. 

What students think:


I like using iPads because I can sit anywhere, they are easy to use and I don’t have to wait for them to turn on and log in

Year 5
Year 5Student

iPads are good and helpful, especially with research projects.

Year 5
Year 5Student

iPads are fun to do research or use Targeting Maths or Blackboard Learn

Year 5
Year 5Student

I enjoy iPads because they are versatile and convenient. They are high quality and have all the functions of a computer

Year 5
Year 5Student

iPads are awesome… They are so much quicker than computers!

Year 5Student


It has helped me because when we do research in class it is quick to access information and is easy to use. It is also good because we can share information easily with other classmates.

Year 7
Year 7Student

I believe that allowing students to have an iPad at school would be useful due to the fact that an iPad can cater to different types of learning styles. For example if you are visual there are apps that allow you to draw ideas and type notes and if you are verbal certain writing apps allow you to speak to the iPad as it types it for you.

Year 10
Year 10Student

A teacher perspective:


The iPad has proven to be a tool that is highly effective, and by its very design, allows for a differentiated curriculum in which students experience success at varying levels within the Media Arts strand of the Australian Curriculum.

Martin O’Sullivan
Martin O’SullivanPrimary Technology (Yr 3 - 6) and Year 4 Mathematics Teacher

iPads are used with Year 1 in a variety of ways. During maths class they are a tool that assists to reinforce quick recall of number facts. Specifically designed apps both allow the children to demonstrate their learning and give instant feedback to the child. In spelling the iPad allows for a differentiated curriculum. Extending children who spell proficiently and supporting those who require it. They can practice spelling at an appropriate level, be tested and receive instant feedback.

Andrea Baxter
Andrea BaxterYear 1 Teacher

Apps such as Dyslexia Quest have helped our students with literacy issues improve by engaging students on a creative and interactive level. Working memory activities have also been used with great effect. For students with spelling difficulties, apps have been used to test and teach weekly spelling words. This fun, interactive approach has ensured some students who felt frustrated about spelling to feel success and see improvement in their results.

Mrs Julie-Anne Staines
Mrs Julie-Anne StainesDirector of Teaching and Learning (Prep-Year 2), Girls Student Coordinator (Prep-Year 6)

When a child has an iPad in their hands their enthusiasm changes. They feel more in control of their learning and feel as though they are able to accomplish more. Whether it is an app or the ability to research more freely, our students are digital natives so they feel comfortable with technology in their hands.

Mrs Kirsten Van Der Walt
Mrs Kirsten Van Der WaltYear 3 Teacher


Students were able to access information instantly from both Blackboard and the internet as a whole using their iPad. They are so much more efficient because they are ready at a moment’s notice. The battery life is also very long with no charging needed during the day.

Mrs Costello
Mrs CostelloSecondary English/History Teacher

The iPad is much more efficient, more space on their desks as they don’t need folders and notebooks.Students can watch videos in class and give feedback quickly. Different apps allow for completing activities in different and innovative ways which keeps students engaged and involved. Students are learning to work with technology in a formal work-based environment which is good for the future!

Mrs Costello
Mrs CostelloSecondary English/History

… When student closes the lid of a laptop it takes some time to get it started again…not an issue on the iPad. When you only have a 40 min lesson you want the device to be quick to start.

Mr Stewart
Mr StewartHead of English

In History we used an app to create a timeline. One of my students, who usually only does the bare minimum and can be easily distracted, was able to complete the task by going above and beyond the requirements and he was one of the first finished. The use of the iPad increased his engagement and productivity immensely.

Mrs Ray
Mrs RayYear 7 teacher

Parents see the benefits:

Secondary Parent

My daughter seems to be permanently attached to her iPad, but in a good way! She has all the information she needs at her fingertips. One of the habits I love that she has developed is using it as a mobile diary recording her homework and lists of priorities on route to wherever we seem to be going after school. This means she maximises her time and also gets it written down while still in her head at the end of each day. So by the time we make it home she has a plan to initiate straight away without scrambling to collate lots of bits of paper. It has the capability of course to quickly record information visually too like from a whiteboard I guess. As an extension of this she uses the visual recorder as a creative device when illustrating her written work photographically as with her recent XP portfolio. Whereas you might often have a huge pile of books in front of you while working on an assignment, my daughter seems to have streamlined things with the iPad, being able to research and record site references etc all in the one spot so things don’t get lost so easily.

Secondary Parent