The iPad is a tool that will be used on a daily basis and it is important that it is therefore managed properly.


Using the iPad at home

We strongly encourage parents to be vigilant with iPad use at home and we suggest that students complete their homework in a common area if they are using a computer or an iPad. We also recommend that the iPad is charged in a common area so that it is not in the bedroom overnight.

See our section At Home under the Cyber Safety menu on this site for more information.

Internet filtering

We strongly suggest that any Internet content at home passes through a content filter. A content filter allows you to set restrictions as to what type of content can be accessed on your home network as well as providing insight as to which websites are being visited. There are a number of different options for this, one possible solution includes:


OpenDNS is a free service that provides phishing (eg, protection from bad links within fake emails that pretend to be your bank!) protection and content filtering (that allow parents to be in control of what websites children visit at home) for all devices connected to your home network. They currently secure the networks of Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, schools, universities and homes around the world. No additional hardware or software is required and set up only takes a few minutes. You can find out more information about OpenDNS here.

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