Connecting to the Wireless Network


Students are responsible for:

    • using their device in in accordance with the College’s Acceptable Use Policy
    • bringing their iPad with them to each class
    • ensuring their iPad is locked securely in their College provided locker during all break times unless directed by a supervising teacher
    • ensuring that their device is always charged at the beginning of each school day
    • ensuring that all required apps are installed on their iPad and there is enough additional space for school related files
    • ensuring that any technical issues or damage are reported to the IT Department (located at Centrepoint) immediately
    • reporting to relevant HOY if their device is lost or stolen
    • ensuring that their iPad contains no inappropriate content or media

Failure to comply with these responsibilities, students will be seen by the relevant HOY and disciplined in accordance with the Behaviour Management Policy if required.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for:

When the iPad is not on the College campus, Parents/guardians are to assist their children with taking care of the iPad as well as the safe use of the iPad.

    • for protecting the iPad see Protective Case, under Accessories in the Which iPad section on this site
    • for warranty see AppleCare+ Protection Plan
    • Whilst insurance is optional the College strongly recommends AppleCare+ Protection for accidental damage claims. See your home & contents insurance provider for advice.  See also Warranty & Repairs section on this site

Staff are responsible for:

    • safe use of the iPad in class


How to setup school WiFi on your iPad