Blackboard Home Page

Once you’ve logged into CCCB Blackboard, the following Blackboard home page is displayed.


1. My Citipointe – this is the default page that is displayed when logging in to Blackboard. The My Institution tab contains tools and information specific to each user’s preferences. Tools and information are contained in modules. Users can add and remove modules from their My Institution tab. The System Administrator may restrict access to or require specific modules.

2. Courses – users click on a link from the Courses tab to access a Course.

3. Log Out of Blackboard by clicking this button.

4. Personalise Page – this tab is used to change the colour theme of the page.

5. My Announcements – displays announcements for all the courses and organisations in which you are enrolled. It may also contain announcements from the system administrator. Click more announcements… to see older announcements.

6. My Organisations – lists all the organisations you are enrolled in.

7. My Courses – lists all the course that you are enrolled in.

Difference between My Courses and My Organisations

An Organisation in Blackboard is similar to a Blackboard course, but designed for use by non-academic groups such as sport, music, dance and other student groups or teams. Access to Organisations is based on membership, in the same way Blackboard Courses are enrolled-based.

Blackboard Organisations can serve as an online meeting space for groups that would like a designated area for information sharing, collaboration and communication. Organisations are very similar to courses; all of the same tools and features are available, including tests, surveys, and assignments, as well as the collaborative tools (discussion board, blog, wiki, etc.). Unlike courses, organisations do not have automatic enrolments but are determined by teacher in charge of the organisation.

Global Navigation Menu (My Blackboard)

Everything you need for your Blackboard experience is in one convenient location. My Blackboard provides you with quick and easy access to critical and timely information regarding courses and organizations. From My Blackboard you can view how you are doing in each of the courses you are enrolled in, see grades, be reminded of assignments that are due, and much more.

NOTE: Not all the features available in My Blackboard are currently being used by teachers. Over time, as teachers become more familiar with Blackboard, they will begin to take advantage of these features. 

Where is it?


To see a tutorial on how to use the Global Navigation Menu (My Blackboard) go to:

For more information about the Global Navigation Menu (My Blackboard) go to:

How to Access My Courses

To get to the courses you are enrolled in you can either select Course from the top menu bar on the My Citipointe page then select the course or go straight to the course under the My Courses tab on the My Citipointe page (shown below).


Course Basics

Understanding the left-hand menu in a course


1. Top Menu Section

This section of the left hand menu contains all the vital information for the course including student overviews found in the Course Overview section, and assessment information found in the Course Assessment section. There is also a hand link to your Calendar.

2. Middle Menu Section

This section is the Content area. All of your resources, handouts and worksheets can be found in this section. This section could be either organised by term or by unit or by topic.

3. Lower Menu Section

This section can contain any tools that the teacher would like to use in their course including Announcements, Blogs, Wikis and Discussions.

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